A&S 50 Events:
A&S 50 Sessions

Anyone interested in finding out more about the A&S 50 Challenge is welcome at our Sessions.   These meetings provide an opportunity to introduce the project and answer questions, brainstorm innovative ways to share our learning and work, find out what we each know and want to know, and generally have a meeting of the minds and broaden our horizons of the A&S world, all while putting faces to names and giving each other some support and encouragement.

Our sessions may be part of an event's A&S class schedule, or may be held in conjunction with an exhibition or competition.  You may even find us with a booth on Merchant's/Artisan's Row, answering questions and chatting with anyone who wants to drop by.   Please note that novices and newcomers are especially welcome at all of our meetings!

A&S 50 Exhibitions

When a local area has a number of interested Challengers, they may elect to hold an exhibition of their work, so they can see each other's efforts in person, get feedback from the populace, and maybe meet new folks interested in the Challenge!  

Another way to accomplish this is to enter a regular A&S exhibition or competition, and put a small sign (or a copy of our new brochure!) by their entry, saying that they are participating in the A&S 50 Challenge, so that we can identify one another, and inform others about our Community!

A&S 50 Workshops

These local gatherings may be held to plan Challenge events in a given area, or may be open to the general Scadian populace as a regular A&S workshop on any of a wide variety of topics.  Whatever the theme, you can be sure that the Challenge philosophy will be in place, encouraging everyone to enjoy discovery, and to collaborate for everyone's mutual benefit. 

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